Max Kassler
Researcher / UX Architect


Dell Digital Locker

I was the lead UX Architect on this application for managing software licenses purchased through Dell. This application allows users to view order history, product licensing, and manage what users and groups can access the locker.

Dell - Online Diagnostics

My team does all of the UX work on the Dell support website. I was responsible for the online diagnostics tab of the support site. This tab includes all diagnostic testing and the workflows for replacing equipment when both under warranty (e.g., through either a drop off service or onsite replacement) and out-of-warranty (e.g., buying from the online store or extending the warranty).

Electronic Health Record

e-MDs cloud-based application for health records starts with a patient's chart, but includes a full suite of applications (e.g., Schedule, Bill, Messaging, Documents). I was the primary UX Designer for all of the EHR applications (suite of products used at a doctor's office, the patient portal, and the internal deployment tool).

West-side Navigation and Feedback

Within a patient's chart there are several "containers." The doctor needs to be able to quickly change between them so this west-side container switcher was designed. After a container is selected this control collapses back into a bar along the edge of the window. Additionally, the switcher gives the doctor feedback on which containers are required for "MU" (Meaningful Use) and which ones have been completed (a green check).

Patient Portal - Wire Frame

This is a wire frame for the home page of the new patient portal. A patient can see at a glance any upcoming appointments, messages from the doctors office, lab results, and notifications (from the rules engine).

Patient Portal - Hi Fi

This is a high fidelity rendering that closely matches what was eventually built for the patient portal.

Check In Application - Wire Frame

When a patient arrives at the doctor's office he or she is checked into the system. This application gives the receptionist quick access to the list of expected patients, and then for the selected patient a demographic and insurance summary, quick access to edit these if needed, and any notifications for the patient (from the rules engine).

Check In Application - Hi Fi

This is a high fidelity rendering that closely matches what was eventually built for the check in application.

OB-Gyn Update

The OB-Gyn update for the Cloud product took two months of research with four OB doctors. A new interface was designed to accommodate the workflow unique to an obstetrician.

Portal Migration

When the new cloud portal was finished a decision was made to migrate the existing patients using the old portal to the new Cloud portal. This image shows the flow for when an existing account holder migrates to the new portal.

Flex Interface - Topology - Working UI

This Flex application is actually a console that holds numerous Flex applications. Pictured here is a topology viewer/editor. I was responsible for all of the UI design.

Flex Interface - Query Builder - Wire Frame

This wire frame shows an early idea of a query builder UI. It went through several iterations before development began on the interface. I was fully responsible for this feature.

Architectural Studio

This web-based Java application is circa 2003. Swing did not provide enough customization for the desired experience, so a new UI layer was created from scratch. I was the lead UX Architect of many of the features within this application.

Architectural Studio

Palettes in Architectural Studio could be customized by the user (e.g., what tools are contained, how many palettes, their location).

Architectural Studio

Sketching in Architectural Studio was the primary initial driver for the application. "Hard line" support was added to formalize the sketching component.

Architectural Studio

I was responsible for creating and maintaining the standards document for the new interface. This image shows some font and color information for a modal dialog.